Self-titled LP/Hasta La Rock EP
Street: 08.08
Socialists = The Clash + Dead Kennedys – Jello Biafra

Now here’s a couple of good, old-fashioned leftist punk rock releases, by local band the Socialists. You might want to call this group more of a “collective.” They are true to their beliefs enough that they include “Praise Boss,” with lyrics by the Australian IWW from the early 1900s and “This Little Scab” with lyrics by the Chicago IWW and Local 329 SEIU. Hell, the packaging and printing of the sleeves are union-made. As far as the sound, it’s the punk rock of the era when the genre started turning “hardcore,” with a heavy Dead Kennedys influence and acerbically proclaimed lyrics. “Hasta La Rock” even sounds like it coulda been an album title by The Clash. The releases also have Mike Sasich all over them, recording, mixing and mastering, and they just sound sensational: razor-sharp guitars and just the right amount of punch. –Stakerized!