Street: 09.23.14
STORMS = Motörhead + Pink Floyd + Mudvayne

If you’re looking for a metal/nü metal hybrid with aspirations of psych rock, I suggest you look no further. Critter by Storms is an elaborate concoction that never commits to any identity. If you think you’ve pegged them at first listen, don’t be upset when they become something else a minute later. The song “Beast Mode” will have you jumping and punching with excitement, and the lyrics behind “Navigator” might cause you to stare at the wall and rethink some things. By the time you reach “The Zephyr,” you’ll feel like the evil mountain sequence of Fantasia is over and slip into melancholy only rivaled by the liberal use of Benadryl. “Sea Legs” shows off the band’s musical talent, as it offers up all the diversity of the previous tunes in one sexy bundle. The members of Storms offer an excellent and creative EP with Critter, and I suggest the journey to anyone. –Benjamin Tilton