Strong Words

Come Clean


Street: 04.12

Strong Words = Smashing Pumpkins + The Animals

If you’ve been paying attention to rad local bands in Salt Lake, you’ve probably heard Cathy Foy shredding drums in Future of the Ghost or The Circulars. Mixed and recorded by Andrew Goldring, Come Clean is Foy’s latest project—a work of thoughtful, honest musicianship with Foy on guitar and vocals. Clean electric guitar riffs are cradled by prominent bass and subtle yet gripping, grungy vocals.

While Strong Words might be labeled as indie rock, their pensive, dreamy lyricism dictates more complexity than average indie rock. “Youthful Dream” is musically upbeat, but casts a shadow with “Darkness is bound to come/Under the love of everyone,” while “Great Desolation” leaves on a more cathartic note with “The end of courage/Is the well of my knowledge.” Keep an eye out for a music video from Strong Words, directed by Kathryn Nelson. –Kia McGinnis