Sweet Tooth
Create Your Fate
Shock Collar Records
Street: 11.09.13
Sweet Tooth = Whitesnake + Marilyn Manson
Ogden-area local Logan Smith (aka Sweet Tooth) combines gothic style with an ’80s-era rock sound in his debut album, Create Your Fate. If Brian Warner had entered the music scene in the glory days of butt rock, he might have ended up sounding much like Sweet Tooth. Smith propelled his music career last spring through an appearance on Bravo’s The Kandi Factory, where he won a professionally produced music video for his song “Gotta Go” and a $5,000 cash prize. Create Your Fate contains some well-produced music, and Smith’s voice makes it clear why he won that episode of The Kandi Factory. “Somebody Died Today” and “Thief In The Night” were personal favorites, but the entire album is a fun combination of old and new styles of rock. –John Ford