No More Nightmares
Monotone Records
Street: 11.03.12
The Arcadians = Fictionist + Local Natives
My biggest complaint about this debut album from Provo group The Arcadians is that it lacks originality. The band has a pretty sound overall, with a lot of the focus on the vocals, but there is not a lot of substance to latch on to. However, there are some bright spots on the record, such as the song “Brick and Mortar,” which features a heavy organ sound, and some great guitar playing as well. There are also some nice vocal harmonies throughout the record, which add some depth to the sound. The songs sound nice and shiny, and it’s clear that there are some talented musicians involved here, but I found that the tunes were a bit repetitive in nature, and as an album overall, it failed to get into any kind of groove or flow.