No More Nightmares
Monotone Records
Street: 11.03.12
The Arcadians = Fictionist + Fleet Foxes
After releasing an EP earlier this summer, this Provo-based indie band is back again with a 10-track album, No More Nightmares. Like a lot of indie bands these days, The Arcadians follow a trend of putting less focus on song melodies, keeping the spotlight on vocals, along with simple chord changes and guitar riffs. Most of the tunes on the album lean toward the pop-rock style, but there are some occasional hints of indie flair. One of the tracks that stood out was “Brick and Mortar,” which caught my ear first with a heavy organ howling in the background, and then again with a nice guitar solo near the end. The music scene in Provo continues to grow and thrive, and The Arcadians are just another piece to the puzzle. No More Nightmares shows the band taking a step forward in a promising direction.