Local Review: The Awesome Possum Band – Blendn’ In

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The Awesome Possum Band - Blendn' InThe Awesome Possum Band
Blendn’ In 

The Awesome Possum Band = Willie Nelson + Tenacious D + The Frogs

Quirky alt-country with deep redneck roots sounds like it came straight from the heart of Alabama moonshine country. Songs are about Blue, the hound dog, corndogs, crawdads, prison and the office. Covers include the Southern-accented “Wish You Was Here” and “Under the Milky Way.” The Awesome Possum Band is funny but not in an annoying way, not in a Barenaked Ladies way, say. It comes off as too genuine, too straight from the back porch of a Mississippi lean-to, even if it is sillier than the board game Hungry, Hungry Hippos.