The Cliterinas
Roller Skates & Maxi Pads
Street: 11.15.14
The Cliterinas = Civet + The Meatmen + L7
The Cliterinas—think of them as four chicks who are constantly and awesomely on their periods and decided to form a band. With a title like Roller Skates & Maxi Pads, I could only imagine how hilariously repulsive their songs would be. Bestowed unto me are “Vaginal Homicide,” “Tissue Paper Testicles” and “Vitamin C.O.C.K.,” all presented in raw, vicious, crusty punk rock deliverance. Combined with Brewja’s raspy vocals and the abrasive riffing of Squid Vicious, they hold true to their mission statement: “We formed to rock vaginas everywhere!” This album is 20 minutes of foul-mouthed belligerence and dispenses their unkempt, punk attitudes. –Eric U. Norris