Deal with the Devil
Spy Hop Records
Street: 08.22.12
The Direction = Buckcherry + Black Crowes + Avril Lavigne
Even though you might not think “gypsy anything” based on the equation of music I used above to describe The Direction’s sound, use your imagination when I say that they create a unique brand of gypsy-blues-rock that incorporates sounds from all of the above. It’s very cool, with that kinda hip, slightly under-produced quality that makes it sound almost like it was recorded at a live show. Different songs feature both male and female vocals, and I will admit, I prefer the female vocals at the forefront. There’s nothing wrong with the others, just that the female has a bit of a quiver in her wail that reminds me of Cocorosie, whom I love. The general instrumentation is expanded upon with a bit of banjo on song three, “The Professionals,” which is my favorite because of the folksy feel it gets from the extra strings. Yet another great collection of work from some of the Spy Hop Productions spawn. Love ‘em.