Street: 09.05.13

The National Parks = (The Avett Brothers + Grizzly Bear) x Alison Krauss

I listen to an album like this and think, “How in the hell is this band not on every single person’s iPod on the planet?” This three-piece Provo band has it all in Young. It’s heartbreaking, reaffirming, energetic and fun—all while being thoughtful. On every track, I caught myself shaking my head at how fortunate we are, on the Wasatch Front, to have such incredible music being made in our communities.

“Ghosts” is the knockout here, a classic folk track with Brady Parks and Sydney Carling harmonizing over a simple banjo strum. There’s a moment, however, where Carling vocally goes off on her own, angelically proclaiming, “If you’re looking for light, just keep running to me/cuz you just might find it, where the river meets the sea.” I’m not 100-percent sure what she means, so I imagine she’s talking about this album. Because it’s damn good. –Blake Leszczynski