The Old World
Street: 03.26
The Old World = Josh Ritter + Pink Floyd
The Old World is an album that catches a group of skilled musicians halfway through a transition from a power pop band to a ballad-brandishing folk rock ensemble. Though each song on the album displays their prodigious aptitude for their instruments and is entertaining in its own right, as a collection, the album is a bit sporadic. Folk tracks like “Rollin’ Boulders” and “New Stripes” are perfect backdrops for the mandolin and fiddle skills of Austin Frodsham to come to the forefront, whereas tracks like “Save Me” and “Secret Sauce” lean closer to a progressive rock sound and allow for Casey Romney’s epic guitar solos. The Old World would be stronger if they got both of their feet on either side of the line, but whatever they do, they are bound to do it well.