The Rose Phantom
Sketches: Live at Storm Mountain
Self-ReleasedStreet: 11.01.14
The Rose Phantom = Clan Of Xymox + Psyche + Faith & the Muse
Though it’s often on the periphery of my normal listening habits, super goth-infused darkwave like The Rose Phantom really hits the spot. Ted Newsom crafts ethereal, dirge-like symphonies with his wide palette of synth models, content to remain in the laid-back space of contemplation and heartache. In all seriousness, though, his choice of synths has a brilliant ’80s-style campiness to them, evoking a sound that is both immediately recognizable and strangely fresh. There’s a refreshing focus on electronic ambience on Sketches: Live at Storm Mountain, but the album doesn’t drag on—there’s just enough going on in each song to keep things from getting stale. Newsom’s voice is admittedly pretty good, with all the trappings of that old-school vampire drone combined with a decent melodic delivery. Put on your black nail polish and sunglasses, because this is a great EP by a very talented local band. –Henry Glasheen