Valentine & The Regard
I’m Well Adjusted
Street: 10.24.14
Valentine & The Regard = The Puzzle / The Memories
Valentine & The Regard find their rhythmic stride within the first two songs of this EP with guitar fuzz and driving drum beats. The additions make their presence more memorable than when they express their “Oberstian” sentiments with only an acoustic guitar and the voice of a tortured soul. The band has self-dubbed this album as “Lo-fi inspired by the ’80s arcade pizza parties that dominate L.A.” Not only is that description intriguing, it’s fairly accurate. There’s something Burger Records–esque about parts of I’m Well Adjusted. “Miss Tippsy” showcases some nice power chord rhythms with mellow vocals and synthesizers creating a strong ’80s-rock-meets-slacker vibe. It reminds me of King Tuff and The Memories, two great Burger Records artists. It’s clear that VTR have a passion for writing songs, and there’s a few keepers to be found across their several albums. My suggestion is: Stick with the fuzz. –Justin Gallegos