Various Artists
Almost Live
Junction City Records
Street: 09.19.14
Junction City Bands = Descendents + (Rancid x Operation Ivy) + (Sonic Youth x Black Flag’s The Process of Weeding Out)

I have to admit, when I think of Ogden, Utah, the term “music capital” doesn’t exactly come to mind. However, underground indie label Junction City Records has promoted some pretty diverse and badass bands from Ogden’s so-called “underbelly.” Jail City Rockers and The Dirt Nappers hit the speakers with three-part harmonies thrown in with some rockabilly twang, making them the most danceable bands on the disc. Hi-Fi Murder and Tainted Halos call back to the ’80s with heavier riffs, faster tempos and more raucous vocals. Fried Arm’s sound supplements the use of distorted vocals and atonal guitar riffs, emoting a mix of post-punk and garage rock. We end with the dance-inducing rhythms of The Two-Bit Band, whose blend of two-tone ska and punk rock gives listeners one last chance to “get their skank on.” With such an array of punk rock subgenres, this compilation does justice to Ogden’s underground music scene. –Eric U. Norris