Various Artists
City of Dis Compilation
City of Dis
Street: 11.11.14
City of Dis = Charles Bronson + Anal Cunt + Disfortune

This waste of magnetic tape is a bombardment of awful, ugly, crappy noise. It was probably recorded in somebody’s basement. Also, why are most of the bands named after a movie star or a character? Bill Murray would be so appalled that his name is being used for a band that sounds like a bag of hammers being thrown into a wood chipper, though Steve Buscemi might be flattered. Shit, I can really only pull the sarcasm so far—”shitty” as the bands that make up the City of Dis sound are, it’s some fanciful noise to be taken with a grain of salt. The fact is that the bands on City of Dis create violent noise for themselves over anything and do it on a budget of beer and Top Ramen. Much as one may think it’s silly, it’s something whose existence in SLC one should be glad about. –Bryer Wharton