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Vile Blue Shades - Dark WizardVile Blue Shades
Dark Wizard

Vile Blue Shades = Do Make Say Think + The Fall + Ralph Steadman

Vile Blue Shades, who had a CD release at SLUG HQ during April Gallery Stroll, are in anti-heaven where The Swans float around with The Fall, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Junior Kimbrough, monk-like chanting and like, The Germs, on this weird puffy pink cloud that’s sharp and real and not the result of a drug-induced hallucination. Hard, repeating blues lines come off punk and art-rock; experimental soundscapes abound. They have one of the best CD booklets/artwork ever, nationally or locally (illustrated/designed by Joel Cable). Lyric sample: “I looked to the stars, expecting something profound … I stood atop a pile of trash & sang carols, all depicting the world and how I’ll rule it.” This shit is wicked.