Void Of Realms
Sounds From The Lysergic Sun
Dungeon Recordings
Street: 09.30.14

Void Of Realms = Eat Static + Space Time Continuum

Get out your glow sticks and kandi bracelets—’90s rave culture never ended. Who said The Orb and other chillout music was dead? Sounds From The Lysergic Sun is complete with tripped-out LSD samples from old ’60s films and subterranean synths emitting dub before they put in the step. It has some good, deep bass, and this music would probably create a good soundscape atmosphere if you were on ‘shrooms. It also sounds spooky enough that if you’re not in the right mind, it might put you on a bad trip. Remember, kids: Set and setting is paramount. –Mort Kilgore