Street: 09.01.12
Wildcat Strike = The Good Life + Cursive
The word that best describes this album is “raw.” It’s safe to say that Wildcat Strike’s debut release is nothing short of original. Psychedelic and folk influences are present. There’s even a tinge of blues, but with raw talent, this band has melded their own form of rock. It’s not experimental by any means, but non-traditional is fitting. There’s a strong mix of guitars, with each one working its magic and chords progressing simultaneously. The piano, which polishes the sound when used, is a nice touch as well. The lead guitar often provides powerful ’80s metal riffs among solid bass lines and vocals that tell stories from the heart. From “Billy Crystal,” “cigarette packets, denim jackets, ashtrays and long days”—the Marlboro man would be proud, and so should Salt Lake City. This is music to live life to.