Worst Friends
Infinite Apology
Exigent Records
Street: 11.11.11
Worst Friends = Fugazi x Capsule
Having recorded this album as a two-piece, (pre bassist Elliot Secrist), Mike Cundick and Jarom Bischoff exhibit their impeccable knack for creating rock songs that are both virtuosic and passionate without lapsing into cheesiness. Opener “Nah Dude” pulsates with a riff that sounds like it is finger-picked, oscillating betwixt the lower and higher strings, which moves in a consistent, choral way, which explodes into erratic strumming. Bischoff rolls on the snare to sound off for “Blood and Guts” as the two switch off on vocals over a break-down-y beat. Cundick’s noodly guitar calls to mind Minus the Bear as he sings powerfully and with ease. Worst Friends treat listeners to instrumental tracks—e.g. “Flip Your Lid” and “This Is Not a Loom Song”—demonstrating that rock can pierce emotions devoid of lyrical content. The pulsing “Cache Valley Sucks” and dynamic, noisy “Swamp Eagle” close out the release to suggest that you should definitely see Worst Friends live.