One-Offs Vol. 1
Street: 12.30.14
X&G = Odesza + Yellow Claw

The variety found within XianMusic and Gaszia’s One-Offs Vol. 1 is fucking impressive. The local musicians tackle genres ranging from trap to breakbeat to experimental and successfully dominate each. Their take on trap music is refreshing for those sick of being bombarded with the likes DJ Snake and Flosstradamus’ harsh, irritating, bullshit-noise music. X&G use modern trap structures and experimental sounds, which they blend perfectly together. The best example would be the track, “Eye For An Eye,” which features a buildup and drop, as is the norm with trap. However, the ensuing drum pattern has a bouncy, almost tribal feel to it, and is surrounded by sounds sure to be enjoyed by electronic/experimental music enthusiasts creating a type of music completely different from popular, “big room festival trap.” –Carl Acheson