Consensual Healing
Street: 02.07.13
Yaktooth = Knut + These Arms Are Snakes + Sleep
There are a few key things you need to know about Yaktooth: They like to talk about North Korea and Kim Jong Il, and they like to play math rock. Yaktooth wouldn’t be out of place on Hydra Head’s roster, and their jams rock. In a time where it seems like so many new bands try to be darker and play fewer notes than their peers—all over the course of 20-minute song lengths—Yaktooth is upping the energy and injecting a sense of humor. The North Korea jokes are currently funny, but in the long run this may detract from their appeal, as they do have the musical chops to play it straight. Either way, fun is fun, and with song titles like “Exploding Shark” and “Weekend at Burmese,” it’s nice to see humor mixed with solid tunes.