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Adam and Darcie
The Valley Where I’m From
Street: 11.2007
Adam and Darcie = John and Yoko + that final song in Juno
Adam and Darcie Sanders are a serenading couple from Provo. In their beautifully simple (but not without accoutrement) Valley CD, the indie acoustic duo’s voices melt over one another in smooth layers superimposed upon acoustic guitars and banjos. Their soft, airy voices complement one another quite well. The cuteness in this band isn’t only apparent in the well-balanced vocal stylings of the two. The lyrics about true, mature love are appeasing to the post-high school fundamentals of amorous feelings over fleeting affection. Christmas-y bells in “Still I Know I,” drum samples in “First Sign of Relief” and electronic beats in “On the Moon” are welcome additions to the organic feel of harmonizing voices above guitar or banjo.