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Adam and Darcie
Early in the Morning
Indiecater Records
Street 03.03
Adam and Darcie = Annuals + Ferraby Lionheart

Adam and Darcie continue to create a delicate blend of poetic hymnals with their new six-song EP, Early in the Morning. Each track delivers a personality that washes over the listener with effortless precision. “Linoleum,” the first track, puts a romantic spin on the original NOFX song with the aid of Darcie Sanders’ elegant vocals and features singer-songwriter Drew Danburry while “Aotearoa” swells into a misty anthem of love. The title track, “Early in the Morning,” serves as a reminder of what Adam and Darcie does best: simple guitar ballads with the heartwarming lyrical prayer of masterful storytelling that accompanies reverently serenaded duets. Using strong melodies as the backbone to each track formulates a unity of sound that makes Early in the Morning a sweet breath of life.