Advent Horizon
Ocean Eyes Records
Street: 11.21.11
Advent Horizon = Meat Puppets + Yes + The Byrds
These guys are extraordinarily talented young musicians, and I had the great pleasure of witnessing them firsthand at a live show this past year. Musically, they are dedicated to beautiful, progressive rock songs, and they jam till they’re done—all the songs on the album are over four minutes long, and about half are over six. Channeling musical heroes like Coheed and Cambria and with the underlying influence of rock legends like Floyd and Zeppelin, these gentlemen have succeeded in putting together a very nice debut. The production is excellent, too, and overall, this local album could very well be the progenitor of a full-fledged career for these young fellows. Check it out for yourself online or better yet, catch them live and pick up an album while you’re there.