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American Attic
Herd Records
Street: 03.05
American Attic = generic pop punk – Blink-182 – MXPX – Hidden in Plain View + From First to Last
Someone should have told American Attic that they’re a bit late for the pop punk genre, which peaked over a decade ago. One should never judge a book or an album by its cover, but in this case, the cliché black shirts and poses by the band members are appallingly indicative of American Attic’s content. The six-song record is a generic and unremarkable mess from start to finish. The lead singer’s voice is a whiney, subpar version of Blink-182’s Tom Delonge and From First to Last’s Sonny Moore. The lyrics in “Bar Song” sound like a 10-year-old’s attempt at poetry: “And I lost my voice and I lost my song. All I do is cry.” Maybe they never had a voice to begin with.