Local Reviews: Auto-Pirates

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Street: 03.29
Auto-Pirates= Gogol Bordello + Jimi Hendrix licks + Local Flavoring
A local band making the decision to utilize what sounds like Russian lyrics on an opening track= balls. Some members of the Utah community would be miffed if an intro track didn’t have some entirely English reference to how much they love God and/or how much they love their country. Auto-Pirates do the opposite with a great line: “You want me to pledge allegiance to a country on crack and tanks in Iraq.” The wordplay doesn’t end there. The last song is a ballad to the miners lost in the Murray mine collapse. EPs don’t need to be very long; this, however, is six tracks long, but it would be much tighter if the fourth and fifth tracks were omitted. Stylistically speaking, the Pirates don’t continue the bluesy-Baltic-rock flow established in the first three tracks. The last track picks the energy back up to finish the disc off with a resonant, issue-based song.