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Beta Chicks
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Street: 05.23
Beta Chicks = The Faint + The Firebird Band + Depeche Mode
When did Cache County become Dance Rock Capitol, U.S.A? If skinny ties, keytars, and tight grooves that follow lock-step behind killer electronic production aren’t synonymous with Logan, UT, The Beta Chicks are on a mission to change that. Featuring some of the best production values to show up in my inbox during my SLUG career, Beta Chicks were a welcome surprise. Knowing that it takes more than kitsch keyboards and thick synth lines to sound like an ‘80s new-wave revival band, The Beta Chicks bury their darkwave moodiness under the wide-eyed swagger of The Killers and their subsequent clones. But while Brandon Flowers can make a career off peddling his ambiguous sexuality, The Beta Chicks are still in the trenches trying to convince patrons of Logan’s only bar to get down and dance to their undeniably catchy hooks, throbbing bass lines, and siren-like vocals.