Local Reviews: Birthquake!

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Be Excellent To Each Other
Kilby Records
Street: 02.28
Birthquake! = Friendly Fires + samba + jazz + Minus The Bear + springtime
Birthquake! is a local band of brothers, the Whittaker brothers to be exact, who managed to capture the bliss of life on this exuberant little slice of pure joy known as the Be Excellent To Each Other EP. This release is what smiles sound like. The love the brothers have for each other and their zeal for good times is apparent and shines through on each track of Be Excellent. Matt’s percussion is spicy like a street burrito—It is free and loose and complements the instrumentation of his brothers (Scott on bass and Nick on guitar). This EP is packed with solid grooves. The chord progressions are well thought out and well played. The recording style captures the live feel of a Birthquake! show, which is full of blissed out dancing. The guitars are textured and ambient, and the drum fills are crisp and punctual. These tunes are perfect for a road trip or a day out skateboarding. If I were feeling a bit bummed out, cranking these jams would definitely bust up my blues. This music is proof that spring is racing our way and I’m certain this will be its soundtrack. Props to Birthquake! and Kilby Records for a joy-inducing reminder to be excellent to each other.