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Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
Burst of Fire Demo
Street: 02.07
Blitzkrieg Witchcraft = Mouth Sewn Shut + Apathetic Ronald McDonald + Discharge
Rouse yourselves from your drug naps and step out of the cold filth and squalor of your squats, all you crusty D-beat kids. Raise your hands in praise because Blitzkrieg Witchcraft just put out the noisiest, shittiest demo ever. Most of it is just freeform chaos influenced by some powerviolence and a lot of thrashy spike and stud garbage. The disc is nothing more than eight tracks of sloppy Ratos de Porao worship.  They even have a few songs in Portuguese. Now, I only speak a nominal amount of Portuguese, but I know enough to understand that these guys have no idea what they’re talking about.  Here’s a translation for you: The lyrics to “Na Igreja” (the only Portuguese song that’s not almost completely nonsensical) are “I don’t like girls that talk a lot. I like girls that masturbate in church.” I don’t dig it at all, but that probably just means I’m being oppressive.