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Books about UFOs
Bite Your Tongue
Street: 04.17
Books about UFOs = The Hives + Jet + The Greenhornes
People say that Books about UFOs is a garage group, and the band cites 13th Floor Elevators as an influence, but they couldn’t sound less psychedelic if they tried.  If you go into this expecting to hear anything even close to The Sonics or The Reigning Sound, you’ll be pretty dissatisfied. That being said, this CD is far from unlistenable. It may not be strict garage, but there’s no questioning the fact that it’s loud, fast rock n’ roll that beats you over the head ‘til you’re stupid and drooling. Some of the riffs are kind of tired, and there are songs about hipsters, but it’s definitely worth picking up. The CD is limited to a run of 100 copies, and it’s available exclusively through Slowtrain.