Local Reviews: Brandie Frampton

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Brandie Frampton
What U See
D&LF Records
Street: 03.09
Brandie Frampton = Jailbait hoedown

Oh. My. Gawd. Brandie Frampton is, like, such a superstar!! She sings about things that I just really, like, relate to! Things like, you know, butterfly tattoos, and boys! Ugh, boys are 2 lame!!! She’s 16 and from Lindon, so she totally relates to my problems, lol! I mean, when u r 16, u know so much about life!! OMG my favorite song is “Dreams,” where she sings about that super-cute boy down the street who is so, like, responsible and mows lawns when he’s not studying!! She also sings about how, like, colors r like every day of her life, u know!? I kno what u mean, Brandie! LOL. She even spells it “colours!” She’s so European. I mean, life is rly like a ferris wheel, like, you know? Brandie Frampton, I luv u!!!