Local Review: Breaux – The Brown Bag EP

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The Brown Bag EP

Self Released
Street: 06.31
Breaux = Clutch + Coalesce + Chrome Division

Ever wonder what Clutch would sound like if they returned to their roots, yet still retained some of their modern sound? That’s the biggest vibe I’m getting from Salt Lake City’s Breaux on The Brown Bag EP. It has almost become cliché to say, “This band defies genres,” but in all honesty I really haven’t come across a band like Breaux. While the EP contains metalcore-type moments with some heavy guitar breakdowns and vocal screams, the EP is more groove-oriented, southern-fried rock. While the EP has plenty of heavy moments, it interestingly doesn’t come off as an obnoxious, unnecessarily angry piece of music. The vibe here is just about having fun and playing some slick grooving riffs. Breaux is off to a good start with this EP—and I don’t even like metalcore.