Broken Silence
We See Everything EP
Arterial Records
Street: 01.01
Broken Silence = Swollen Members + Beastie Boys + Task Rock
“Broken Silence means a change in the way music is viewed and heard.”—Words from their Facebook page. Three emcees come together to form this hip hop group that has nearly a decade under their belts. We See Everything is pretty good for an EP. The group captures their audience with their Swollen Members sound, and messages about how the way things are in this world are about to change. They embrace hip hop to the fullest, using various retro samples in their instrumentals to apply a classic feel to a modern product. I liked what I heard from this short six-song EP and would like to hear what the LP sounds like. My favorite track on the EP is “Can’t Stop Pushin’,” because the beat is such a banger. Check them out on Facebook, not to be confused with “A Broken Silence,” the new Limp Bizkit album. Keep it up, dudes. Style is something that cannot be taught or acquired, it is something that resonates within.