Street: 02.11
Budnick = The Ergs! + Lookout! Records-era Green Day
I was immediately drawn to this local pop-punk EP for three reasons: 1. The band is named after the red-mulleted prankster from the classic kids’ TV series, Salute Your Shorts, 2. Closing track “Who Wrote Holden McNeil?” is a reference to both Screeching Weasel and Chasing Amy, 3. The cover art by notable punk artist Cristy Road is pretty rad. The two best songs are named after characters from Kevin Smith movies (“Song For Banky” and the aforementioned “Holden”). Budnick vocalist Josh Recker (ex-The Hung Ups) has a certain charm, as he combines the roughness of Gainesville-style bands with the nasally style of East Bay pop-punk, but a little more polish wouldn’t hurt the band’s sound. The first two songs sound pretty damn similar, and I could do without the acoustic ballad near the EP’s end, but no matter what, I’m always gonna like fast, three-chord songs about dudes who can’t get girlfriends. Hopefully, Budnick puts out some new stuff soon, because this EP has a lot of promise. Listen at budnick.bandcamp.com.