Burning Olympus
Words Taken From Books
Street: 04.19
Burning Olympus = Sparklehorse + Sonic Youth’s “Incinerate”
Words Taken From Books caught me off guard in a good way. These five songs are lustrous and captivating, with a spacey, dream-rock vibe and just enough grunginess. Vocalist Devin Powell is successfully emotive and visceral, while the band handles the rest with lo-fi texture and intriguing rock patterns. Being self-recorded is advantageous in that it creates a more intimate, welcoming sound, and this is no exception—however, this release seems to be too short to get an entirely solid grasp of their style. I’m interested to see where Burning Olympus goes from here. In the meantime, don’t overlook this short and sweet album—the track “The Dark Of The Soul” in particular.