Calm Paradox
How To Mind
Street: 03.01.11
Calm Paradox = Regina Spektor + Metric
Guitar-driven writing seems to be a fairly defining characteristic of Calm Paradox’s style—the arrangements, other instruments and vocals are built around guitar riffs, for better or worse. That sounds ominous, but rest assured, most of it works fine (as a classically trained harpist, strings are her forte). In my opinion, it will get more interesting when the focus varies a little more, but most of the songs are composed well. Michelle Kennedy, singer and sole member, has a very distinct voice—melodic over distortion and buzz. I want to hear her let it go, growl a little to match the mood, and I hope in the future she will enhance other qualities in her tone. An easy listen, and a pay-what-you-like option on the website,, means that you really should just drop by and download it. Rock on!