Album cover art for Quiet As The Hour by Cathy Foy.

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Cathy Foy

Quiet as the Hour


Street: 02.15

Cathy Foy = Neutral Milk Hotel + Helium + Rilo Kiley

“I can carry my own weight, I can carry my own sins, away,” Cathy Foy delicately sings on “I Became a Flash” from her sophomore release, Quiet as the Hour. Most of us are accustomed to seeing Foy behind a drum set playing for scene makers such as Hang Time, Future of the Ghost, Bluebird Radio, The Awful Truth, The Downers and more.

On Quiet, Foy showcases a newfound confidence in songwriting and performance. Each track is full of beauty, reflection and intimate lyrics, which unfold naturally in perfect synchrony. There’s something hauntingly deep within tracks like “Thousand Lines,” and in “I Won’t Say a Word (It Wasn’t Forever),” in which the piano echoes with so much emotion.

“Long Time Winter Snow” offers a richness in instrumentation with an improvisational, shivering guitar solo midway through. Bravo, Ms. Foy––Quiet As The Hour is a compelling piece of work that deserves multiple listens.