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Songs That Would Not Behave (Vol. 1 & 2)
Pseudo Recording
Street: 2007
Cavedoll = The Killers + Radiohead
More of a collection of B-Sides than an album, Songs That Would Not Behave-both volumes 1 and 2-cover the genres, styles and sounds of every project Cavedoll’s solo member, Camden Chamberlain, has ever been involved in. Whether it’s revamping old, unreleased tracks, or just playing with new songs, the album ranges from techno-heavy dance/electronica to acoustic folk. It’s everything fans of the group have come to expect, but perhaps not the best choice for those unfamiliar with Cavedoll. For those who know and love the band, it’s more than worth a listen. But new-comers be advised: do your homework on this one and pick up a copy of The Harbor before going for either of these compilations.