Local Reviews: Cherubin

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Creation/Destruction EP
Self Released
Street: 03.18
Cherubin = Ah, sod it. It’s metalcore, so you’ll buy it when it comes out.
What locals Cherubin have submitted here can be summed up pretty quickly: metalcore. I am not a fan of metalcore. It’s because of these guys (and the current “state” of Utah music, in general) that I’m able to see why the rest of the country feels we’re 10 years behind them. Granted, what Cherubin is playing is undoubtedly one of the more marketable forms of music these days, and I’m not discounting their musicianship or songwriting ability, but let’s be honest: this stuff is just tired. I happen to have the good (mis)fortune of moonlighting as a record store clerk, and every time I roll in, a band exactly like this is playing over the store sound system. It’s past the point of being unable to tell these bands apart from each other; it feels formulaic, like bad pop music. But hey, it sells, and the kiddies have to have something to act tough to, I guess. Go get ’em, tiger.