Under the Shadow of Heaven
Street: 12.23.2008
Cherubin = Brown Jenkins + Neurosis + Empire Auriga

Being a local, I still have to admit that Utah’s metal scene leaves a lot to be desired. That said, I’m not entirely jaded, and this album did manage to catch me off guard. Whatever fucked up inspirations Cherubin have resulted in a particularly gloomy, dismal and completely satisfying experience. There are several elements here that are decidedly non-metal, but the overall attitude remains brooding and ferocious enough to be called that. Much of the music has a rather heavy stoner or doom feel, yet a great deal of the guitar work keeps things interesting with  some bold inclusions of psychedelia where a song will completely change its course at various intervals, and still make sense. Cherubin show that a lot of well-thought-out creativity can bring life into what could have been something forgettable. Frankly, I don’t have enough adjectives to do them justice. Cherubin play on April 15th at Kilby Court.