Local Reviews: Clocks

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Salt Lake City
Peculiar People Records
Street: 04.01
Clocks = A car radio stuck between two stations + a “Scary Sounds of Halloween” cassette tape + Revolution 9
This album must have been recorded in the Cave of Time from the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. It features a number of disjointed sounds, instruments and samples that jump in and out of subdued feedback modulations. The album never bothers to move beyond this, ahem, timeless configuration. Weird, boring ambient noises blanket the album like a mist shrouding the psychedelic specter of a sixth dimensional Vincent Price pretzled into a peace symbol, which is something human brains just haven’t been programmed to comprehend. Occasionally, lazy drums and an acoustic guitar can be heard hammering away sloppily under half-assed folk vocals, but thankfully that disappears into the ether as well.  I’m not sure what kind of drugs Clocks (Jeff Kimball and Joe Stetich) used while recording, but I’m guessing they were pretty far out. There’s absolutely no way I can take this record seriously. Luckily, I can’t imagine Clocks did either.