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Code Hero
A Record of EP
Thousand Leaves Records
Street: 08.15.07 Code Hero = Bright Ey
es + Snakes & Music + The Format + Americana + Indie + Folk
After listening to this beautifully crafted EP, the first thing I thought was, “Why do these guys have to live in Utah County and not right here in SLC?” I was immediately checking their Myspace to see if there were any upcoming shows in SLC, because if there were, I was going to be there. I had to see them live and witness these tunes for myself. Unfortunately, I had no such luck in spotting an SLC play anytime soon. Each of the seven tracks on this EP, including the opening instrumental, are beyond fabulous and beg to be listened to again and again. Moving from Indie, to Folk, to Alt Country and Americana�all in the boundaries of a single EP�may sound difficult as well as messy. However, it is done with such ease and cohesiveness that it works perfectly and each brand of music complements the other.