Creature Double Feature
Ground Zero
Street: 07.22
Creature Double Feature = Avi Buffalo + Slowdive 
Davis and Mason Johnson aren’t only brothers, but also are an example of today’s precocious youth—the kind that terrifies old people. Ground Zero is an impressive digital dream-pop effort, especially considering the bandmates are just 17 and 14 years old. However, it still has room for improvement. Every track redundantly contains a slow start and build-up, which ultimately leaves a lot of dead air that sandbags the album’s flow. Moreover, the dream-pop element is a bit untailored and leaves a lot of aesthetic gaps during the more crucial sections of tracks. For instance, “Shadows” would be an incredible Beach House-ranking track if it had more of a pop hook to maintain focus instead of losing listeners in the texture. Nonetheless, Ground Zero is decent and indicative of a lot more potential, which could easily be achieved before they become legal adults. In the meantime—stay gold, ponyboy(s).