Self-Titled (Cassette)
Crucial Blast
Street: 09.10
Curseworship = Swans + Tragedy + Wolf Eyes
Many bands have tried—and many bands have failed—to blend genres as seamlessly as Curseworship has been able to on this three-song release. The band is able to flow in and out of relatively harsh noise (à la Wolf Eyes), crusty metal and straight tone-worship without batting an eye. The recording is muted and heavy, and unlike other releases from bands who desperately attempt to achieve the effect of this release, the vocals are set fairly far back in the mix, which only adds to the experience of the listen. Curseworship can, at the same time, come across like the soundtrack to a Takashi Miike film, and the much more evil bastard child of SunnO))) and His Hero Is Gone. An excellent release from these fellows, and hopefully a taste of even greater things to come.