Daisy & The Moonshines
Moonshine EP
Street: 08.18
Daisy & The Moonshines = Max Pain and the Groovies + Dark Seas + Spell Talk
Daisy & The Moonshines’ second release is six tracks of mediocre garage rock. It’s not bad rock music, but it is forgettable. The rhythm guitar feels like it’s mindlessly picked along with the drums, as if someone who didn’t know the music was playing along with a chord chart. There isn’t much diversity between the tracks on the EP, which causes the songs to blend together. Jacob Hall has a decent rock croon, but needs to find a way to project his voice better and give it more substance. There are a number of times where he misses notes, which isn’t necessarily a negative with this genre. The chorus on “See That Light” features some good vocal harmony and is one of the bright sides. The guitar solos at the end of “Leavin’ Town” and “The Architect” are well played and probably the best part of the EP. The songwriting on this EP is base, but I did enjoy their live show last time I saw them play.