Damien Fairchild
For All the Girls
Street: 02.14
Damien Fairchild = Brian Wilson + The Ruby Suns + The Rentals
If you’re at all familiar with the local music scene, chances are you know who Drew Danburry is. However, this will be the first time you’ve heard of Damien Fairchild, Danbury’s lovesick lothario of an alter ego. In For All the Girls, Fairchild sings soliloquies about every female he’s possibly ever—at one point or another—desired. He seals his overtures with an eclectic mash of sunshine pop and baroque pop with impeccably cheery vocals, which induce a tranquilizing, wine-drunk sensation. The upbeat organ harmonies combined with the Brian Wilson-style vocal backing adds an extra layer of gloss over these love notes. This record is a much needed reprieve from the stagnating local pop scene. I’m certain Danburry can get away with donning the cloak of Damien Fairchild the next few winters as long as it continues to keep him (and his listeners) this warm.