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Danger Hailstorm
Pop Sweatshop
Street: 09.16
Danger Hailstorm = Motorhead + Magstatic
I wish I could say that all local bands suck and that Utah doesn’t have any talent (you know, for national “street cred”), but when bands like Danger Hailstorm drop in my lap I can’t pretend anymore. This three-piece can gnash its teeth. Terrance D.H. of Magstatic (among other local groups), certainly shows his range and depth on this release. The songs evoke a primal instinct to bang your head and concisely crafted structure without extraneous filler scores additional points. Refreshing lyrics and balls-to-the-floor beats make it basically a straight-up party. Check this album the fuck out if you want something to think devious thoughts to (overthrowing the government, for example). The song “We Shoot Idiots” is an example of one of the great antisocial ideas you can come up with. However, the album could use three or four more songs to round it out.