Daniel Day Trio

Black on Black


Street: 12.17.12

Daniel Day Trio = SLAJO + Joshua Payne Orchestra

Black on Black is composed of the well-known Trio’s ambiance-enhancing, jazz-infused covers of a wide range of artists and genres.  Recorded during a live performance on KRCL, Black on Black possesses every element that you would hope to hear from a live performance. The Trio recorded with no set list, so there are a few transitions between songs that seem a little jumbled, but once everyone is on the same page, everything flows nicely into a recognizable and nostalgic tune that is easily appreciated. Guitarist Geoff Miller and bassist Dave Bowen provide resonating waves of sound that come together nicely.  Miller’s effects define his sound—no element of the original song he is covering is lost, as it is fun discovering songs like Oasis’ ÏWonderwall,Ó or Journey’s ÏDon’t Stop BelievingÓ as they are organically expressed. I can now enjoy the unique feel that the Daniel Day Trio provide at any venue for a fraction of the cost on my own front porch.