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Data Booty
Street: 04.16
Data Booty= nonnon + nolens volens + //
I have listened to this tape over 1000 times now, no joke. There is something about booty house music that is so refreshing in a world of music where everyone takes themselves so seriously. MSSV Music has probably the best lineup of artists testing out new musical paths right now, and they offer free mixtapes from their site regularly. Andrew Glassett (nolens volens) and Jonathan Higley (//) put together this particular tape with the help of Dave Madden (nonnon) and Nick Foster (NJ Foster). I never really thought I could like electronic mash/noise music, but that has changed—boy, how has it changed. It is amazing when you give new genres a chance. The best part was the download card that came with the tape, which is allowing me to listen to the song “Heffnuh” as I write this on my computer. Thank you technology, and fuck you too for making it so hard to keep classic items like cassette tapes available on every release. Solid sound engineering will never die with these guys around.