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Dead Horse Point
Only Time Will Save You
Street: 3.01
Dead Horse Point = BRMC + Bob Dylan + Radiohead
Dead Horse Point will no longer be famous for being a state park in the desert of Moab. Instead when you hear those three words, you will automatically think of the mysterious quartet of men. Although fairly new, they are already making big waves in the local music scene along with similar artists like Band of Annuals and The Devil Whale. This entire album is so completely authentic that each song raises goosebumps on my arms. If Brian Oakley’s heartbroken vocals don’t convince you, then the lyrics and production most certainly will. Unlike most bands these days, Dead Horse Point is able to capture the rawness and realness instead of sounding overproduced. If Salt Lake’s music scene had an outlaw, DHP would be that lone wanderer riding off into the desert sunset, the Clint Eastwood of our town.